using exclusive nodebb forum data to create a chatgpt chatbot?


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    @crazycells yes, I think it certainly has a place - but to enrich knowledge, rather than simply substitute it.

    I remember years ago when I did my exams. You weren’t allowed a calculator or anything like that and had to show your workings on a separate piece of paper which you were given additional marks for.

    These days, they use iPads etc in schools, so the art of writing a letter or needing to perform mathematical calculations in your head is gone. One of my very first jobs was in a newsagent who had a really old till (yes, not a Point-Of-Service like you have today) - all this till did was add up the individual figures, but didn’t tell you how much change to give - you had to do that part.

    Sounds simple enough, but with technology doing everything for us these days, our basic skills (think the “Three R’s”, and see example below) have taken a back seat and I think that’s made us lazy. R's

    Again, my point here being to enrich - not completely replace basic skills we learn as we age.

  • Composer options on nodebb

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    @Panda You should be able to expose the CSS for these using F12 to get into console



    That should then expose the element once selected


    Here’s the below CSS you need based on the screenshot provided.

    .composer .formatting-bar .formatting-group li[data-format="picture-o"], .composer .formatting-bar .formatting-group li[data-format="spoiler"] { display: none; }
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    @cagatay this relates to a change the css classes used for the brand header meaning it will now float to the left instead of right.

    If you’d like to retain the original behavior, you can add this css class

    [data-widget-area="brand-header"] { justify-content: end; display: flex; }

    Further information here

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    @phenomlab said in TikTok fined £12.7m for misusing children’s data:

    Just another reason not to use TikTok. Zero privacy, Zero respect for privacy, and Zero controls in place.

    The quote from this article says it all

    TikTok should have known better. TikTok should have done better

    They should have, but didn’t. Clearly the same distinct lack of core values as Facebook. Profit first, privacy… well, maybe.

    Wow, that’s crazy! so glad I stayed away from it, rotten to the core.

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    Seems to be better with some scaling fix for redis on redis.conf. I haven’t seen the message yet since the changes I made

    # I increase it to the value of /proc/sys/net/core/somaxconn tcp-backlog 4096 # I'm uncommenting because it can slow down Redis. Uncommented by default !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! #save 900 1 #save 300 10 #save 60 10000

    If you have other Redis optimizations. I take all your advice

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    Been playing with the user profile page this afternoon. Thought I’d post a video as I’m really pleased with how this came out

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    @eveh Welcome board 🙂

    The code you are referring to is custom written as no such functionality exists under NodeBB. However, adding the functionality is relatively trivial. Below are the required steps

    Navigate to /admin/appearance/customise#custom-header Add the below code to your header, and save once completed <ol id="mainbanner" class="breadcrumb"><li id="addtext">Your Title Goes Here</li></ol> Navigate to /admin/appearance/customise#custom-js and add the below code, then save $(document).ready(function() { $(window).on('action:ajaxify.end', function(data) { // Initialise mainbanner ID, but hide it from view $('#mainbanner').hide(); var pathname = window.location.pathname; if (pathname === "/") { $("#addtext").text("Your Title"); $('#mainbanner').show(); } else {} // If we want to add a title to a sub page, uncomment the below and adjust accordingly //if (pathname === "/yourpath") { //$("#addtext").text("Your Title"); //$('#mainbanner').show(); //} }); }); Navigate to /admin/appearance/customise#custom-css and add the below CSS block .breadcrumb { right: 0; margin-right: auto; text-align: center; background: #0086c4; color: #ffffff; width: 100vw; position: relative; margin-left: -50vw; left: 50%; top: 50px; position: fixed; z-index: 1020; }

    Note, that you will need to adjust your CSS code to suit your own site / requirements.

  • Fontawesome 5

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    @pwsincd hi. Just following up on this thread (I know it’s old) but was curious to understand if it’s still an issue or not ?