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What plugins are being used here on Sudonix?

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  • I’ve recently started looking into NodeBB as an option for a new forum that I want to start and I have to say that Sudonix is the best implementation I have come across so far.

    Would you mind sharing a list of all the plugins that you are using?

  • @Norrad Thanks for the kind words. Here’s the list of plugins that Sudonix uses.

            * @nodebb/nodebb-plugin-beep@1.1.2 (installed, enabled)
            * @nodebb/nodebb-plugin-reactions@2.2.1 (installed, enabled)
            * @nodebb/nodebb-plugin-reputation-rules@2.0.0 (installed, enabled)
            * @nodebb/nodebb-plugin-user-level@2.1.2 (installed, enabled)
            * @nodebb/nodebb-widget-board-stats@2.0.8 (installed, enabled)
            * nodebb-plugin-2factor@7.4.0 (installed, enabled)
            * nodebb-plugin-browsing-users@4.0.1 (installed, enabled)
            * nodebb-plugin-cards@0.4.0 (installed, enabled)
            * nodebb-plugin-composer-default@10.2.33 (installed, enabled)
            * nodebb-plugin-contact-page@1.3.0 (installed, enabled)
            * nodebb-plugin-custom-pages@2.1.0 (installed, enabled)
            * nodebb-plugin-customize@4.0.1 (installed, enabled)
            * nodebb-plugin-dbsearch@6.2.3 (installed, enabled)
            * nodebb-plugin-emoji@5.1.13 (installed, enabled)
            * nodebb-plugin-emoji-android@4.0.0 (installed, enabled)
            * nodebb-plugin-extended-markdown@2.0.1 (installed, enabled)
            * nodebb-plugin-gdpr@2.0.0 (installed, enabled)
            * nodebb-plugin-glossary@1.1.0 (installed, enabled)
            * nodebb-plugin-gravatar@4.0.0 (installed, enabled)
            * nodebb-plugin-markdown@12.2.6 (installed, enabled)
            * nodebb-plugin-mentions@4.4.0 (installed, enabled)
            * nodebb-plugin-ns-embed@6.0.0 (installed, enabled)
            * nodebb-plugin-ntfy@1.7.3 (installed, enabled)
            * nodebb-plugin-poll@3.1.2 (installed, enabled)
            * nodebb-plugin-question-and-answer@1.2.7 (installed, enabled)
            * nodebb-plugin-recent-cards@3.3.0 (installed, enabled)
            * nodebb-plugin-registration-notification@3.0.0 (installed, enabled)
            * nodebb-plugin-soundpack-default@3.0.0 (installed, enabled)
            * nodebb-plugin-spam-be-gone@2.2.1 (installed, enabled)
            * nodebb-plugin-sso-google@3.1.0 (installed, enabled)
            * nodebb-plugin-sso-twitter@3.1.0 (installed, enabled)
            * nodebb-plugin-tenor-gif@3.1.6 (installed, enabled)
            * nodebb-plugin-total-vote-count@1.4.0 (installed, enabled)
            * nodebb-rewards-essentials@1.0.0 (installed, enabled)
            * nodebb-theme-harmony@1.2.44 (installed, enabled)
            * nodebb-widget-essentials@7.0.15 (installed, enabled)
  • @phenomlab Thanks a million for the list. I’m going to install them on a test nodeBB install and play around with them.

  • @Norrad Are you looking for anything in particular? I only ask because Sudonix uses a number of custom functions which I wrote, but all are available on GitHub and fully supported here.

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    @crazycells hmm. That’s odd. I haven’t made any changes from recollection but I could be wrong. I’ll need to check.

    EDIT - very strange. I honestly don’t recall adding the below CSS block to alter the bottom bar, but you’re right…

    .bottombar-nav { padding: 0px !important; }

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    thank you fixed.

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    @qwinter this particular site uses the code I wrote if you want to see it in action. It’s a information and intelligence gatherer I designed for collecting various information security articles from around the globe and consolidating them in one place.

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    @jac Great ! I’ll close this off.

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