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    @crazycells that’s as good a test as any 🙂

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    @veronikya said in mongodb replica set:

    The host’s local dns resolution is not configured. The problem of the host’s hosts being unable to be resolved in docker has been solved. Surprisingly
    Edit the /etc/resovel.conf file

    One immediate issue I can think of here is that editing resolv.conf directly is no longer supported and not recommended (because the changes do not survive a reboot) - unless you install the resolvconf package?

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    @crazycells said in Netflix hints at password sharing crackdown:

    We love laws, and would pay if we want to watch movies.

    I think you’ve hit the nail on the head here - particularly around the point re: privacy. I expect that other people are willing to abide by the laws also, but it’s very easy to see how rising prices will simply fuel the pirate industry even further. Nobody likes to be “ripped off” or “held to ransom”, and there are always going to be those who would rather not pay at all and put up with a poor video image taken in the cinema with someone’s head bobbing up and down, or overhearing someone complain they asked for an ice cream but got a donut… 🙂

    The rising costs of viewing material is what is in essence the fuel for the piracy market - not just viewing either - it used to be the case (before digital downloads of music tracks) that people were pirating CD’s because of the cost. With the onset of online music stores, that’s probably a thing of the past - I can’t recall overhearing anyone saying they spend all of their free time searching for mp3’s etc recently, unless I’m out of touch, but the film industry is encouraging piracy with the spiralling costs of attending the cinema etc - not to mention being robbed in broad daylight if you want refreshments.

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    @dave1904 said in Create a self-hosted instance of NTFY:

    We got this working. I’m not sure if it was on my buddys end.

    Here the steps:

    Add new sub in ntfy app with the private ID and using another server (ntfy.mydomain.com) In settings also use the ntfy url as default Server add the upstream-base-url: “https://ntfy.sh” property in server.yaml and restart ntfy

    thanks for the update! 👍

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    I have found ways to properly modify root passowrd here, going with old droplet now 😄


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    @phenomlab said in Come back PhP, all is forgiven!:

    I used IONOS for a while, and realised that Hetzner provide a much better deal for those experienced with Linux. I know @cagatay, @DownPW and myself all use Hetzner, and I think @Madchatthew (whom I haven’t seen for a while ) was also considering taking their services. There’s an affiliate link below if you’d like to go down that route

    Yep hetzner is very very cool and I haven’t seen before a panel magentment as complete as him : backup, snapshot, add cpu core, ram is easy.

    @phenomlab said in Come back PhP, all is forgiven!:

    Obtaining a VPS comes with the double-edged sword of being completely on your own with no support, although by using Virtualmin, you’ll find life so much simpler (something I know @DownPW can attest to, as I managed to convert him )

    Yep Virtualmin is very cool 😉
    And it makes life much easier for server management, domain, nginx and so on even if it is always better to know how to do all this in CLI. I would say that the 2 are really complementary

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    @JAC You know you want to… I challenge you to resist!

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    @dave1904 there isn’t one currently, but I can easily put something together

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    thank you Mark.

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    @phenomlab thank you very much, this was helpful. Everything looks ok 🙂

  • Some useful articles that can easily get you out of that hole you might have just fell into…:)

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    @小城风雨多 Looking at the above, it seems you are missing the command to use nodebb for example. Otherwise, you are running the command against the admin database 🙂 Made that mistake myself before…

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    @Sala the only way you can achieve this is to use a robots.txt file and disallow access to those links.









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