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  • Do cool things on your website…

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    @sebmegag hi. Welcome aboard! I’ve tried this on both iPhone and Android and it works fine. Did you double check the config you have?

  • Which email client do you use?

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    @JAC Seems to meet all of my individual needs, so it’s a win for me. The “New Outlook” is nothing more than a webapp and not an actual application, so even with the latest version being marked for production, it’s too limited for my own purposes - one of the showstoppers is the lack of a unified mailbox.

  • What's your view on RSS - is it dead technology?

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    @phenomlab yeah, it makes sense… actually when I heard the news, you came to my mind but because of my busy schedule last week I could not log in to the forum…

  • Reddit users say share plans 'beginning of the end'

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    This is interesting - $116m bet on share positions?

    Anyone else think this sounds very much like insider trading?

  • Google looks to AI paywall option

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    @phenomlab oh no, that is 1 cent on the video, but you are right, symbols are similar… I just converted it to $1 , since it is more intuitive in daily life…

  • The corporate greed of Amazon

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    And so it starts. Amazon are going to introduce forced ads even for Prime customers on their platform. To remove them, you have to pay more??

  • I have a dream, a vanilla one

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    @Panda I think we’re already seeing that direction being followed - although probably not in the sense of self-hosted.

  • How long before AI takes over your job?

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    @crazycells said in How long before AI takes over your job?:

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    To me, this is the method to get yourself to the top of the list. Unfair advantage doesn’t even properly describe it.

  • Twitter "rebrands" to X

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    @crazycells always makes me laugh

  • Flarum itself can not run on 4 core 6gb ram vps!

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    @crazycells I know that Flarum has (or had) an extension that lists the users. That wasn’t even in the core - as basic as that is.

  • Google Pixel announced with eye watering price

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    @Panda said in Google Pixel announced with eye watering price:

    I gave up with it in the end, its now an expensive ornament.
    Its not even a good watch as runs out of battery in less than a day! Lol

    Exactly and amen to that. It’s the exact reason as to why I avoid “gadgets” like this 🤭

  • WhatsApp to allow users to edit messages

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    @Panda Yes, seems I have the update also. I too like to rectify typos - which is why I often “edit” my own posts here when I realise autocorrect has decided to change things (often not for the better either).

  • So long Twitter... Nice knowing you

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    @crazycells I’m totally unsurprised by any of this. Musk is well known for creating schemes meaning that he profits out of pretty much anything these days.

    Whilst I admire the business acumen, I certainly don’t agree with the ethics.

  • Lawyers use of ChatGPT backfires

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    @crazycells yes, I think it certainly has a place - but to enrich knowledge, rather than simply substitute it.

    I remember years ago when I did my exams. You weren’t allowed a calculator or anything like that and had to show your workings on a separate piece of paper which you were given additional marks for.

    These days, they use iPads etc in schools, so the art of writing a letter or needing to perform mathematical calculations in your head is gone. One of my very first jobs was in a newsagent who had a really old till (yes, not a Point-Of-Service like you have today) - all this till did was add up the individual figures, but didn’t tell you how much change to give - you had to do that part.

    Sounds simple enough, but with technology doing everything for us these days, our basic skills (think the “Three R’s”, and see example below) have taken a back seat and I think that’s made us lazy. R's

    Again, my point here being to enrich - not completely replace basic skills we learn as we age.

  • Vodafone and Three agree UK merger

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  • Peoples thoughts on Nextjs?

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    @Panda I have the same opinion here. NextJS is a framework for react, and like angular, I was never one to simply dive off into the deep without having any real need to do so. I’m conversant with nodeJS, vanilla js, and several other languages (including PHP which I have years of experience in and developed / still maintain an application at work that was custom written by me to fulfill an audit requirement), and in all honesty, I don’t really want to spend my life learning new frameworks unless I have a need to do so.

    I’ve been on the nodeJS train for some time now, and given my adoption of NodeBB, this makes perfect sense.

    Bleeding edge is fun if you want to experiment and learn, but with so many frameworks popping up all over the place, how many do we actually need?

    I guess most of this really depends on unique use cases, but I’ve yet to come across an issue that meant I had to rewrite an application in a different language to resolve an issue. It’s almost like using a bulldozer to find a china cup.

  • A voice that sounds just like yours in 15 minutes?

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    @crazycells great points raised here. It’d be interesting to see how close AI can get to your own voice with the least amount of effort, or the ability to provide a good match based on one sentence alone.

    As I’ve already stated, my concerns initially around security with be anything that can distinguish your voice. We’ve already seen what deep fake technology is capable of, and this (to me at least) is a cut down “affordable” version of that built right into your phone.

  • Reasons why we switched to WordPress and quit flarum

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    @Sala that’s pretty hard to read, but with that many extensions, no wonder it’s slow.

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  • TikTok fined £12.7m for misusing children's data

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    @phenomlab said in TikTok fined £12.7m for misusing children’s data:

    Just another reason not to use TikTok. Zero privacy, Zero respect for privacy, and Zero controls in place.

    The quote from this article says it all

    TikTok should have known better. TikTok should have done better

    They should have, but didn’t. Clearly the same distinct lack of core values as Facebook. Profit first, privacy… well, maybe.

    Wow, that’s crazy! so glad I stayed away from it, rotten to the core.