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Flarum itself can not run on 4 core 6gb ram vps!

  • Are we creating websites merely for the sake of getting them up, or are we doing it for selfish reasons in order to sit about and try to debug challenging programs that we have burdened ourselves with?

    A good example of a forum to waste time on is Flarum!
    People are becoming aware of the difficulties they put themselves in. Imagine, for instance, that you reached 11K posts and want to move to something else because of persistent problems, but you are unable to do so since you have locked yourself out And you have to deal with the admins who don’t have a miracle solution but enjoy to chat because their design resembles a chat room.

    What would you feel if you had spent a lot of money on a virtual private server (VPS) with four cores and six gigabytes of RAM, but your system is still sluggish and uses, on average, 50% of the CPU and 60-80% of the RAM? Its insane for 11k post, isn’t? How about you read it for yourself if you don’t believe my story.

  • I had deployed nodebb on a 2c2g server and it ran fine, but it was also often overloaded to the point where I needed to change servers, and the new 4c16g NVMe server made the service faster!
    After familiarizing myself with the development, it was very easy to modify nodebb and I plan to build it into a cms site!

  • @veronikya I’m not here to bash Flarum as I used it for a while but departed their ecosystem for two main reasons

    1. Complete lack of GDPR support
    2. Having to create an extension for even the most basic of things makes the product useless in my view.

    If you cannot extend the capabilities easily, it’s not fit for purpose. One final point is that Flarum is increasingly slower the more extensions you need. They tout the product as lightweight and fast, although anything is that has no usable features!

  • thanks for sharing your experience.

    flarum does not look as clear as nodebb, for example, how can I get the list of the users? I would like to see how many users are in the forum and the list of them, is there any way to get it? It is not clear to me at first glance…

    even if I cannot access the online user list, I would love to see or have an idea of registered users count.

  • @crazycells I know that Flarum has (or had) an extension that lists the users. That wasn’t even in the core - as basic as that is.