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help me configuring cron job for fof/sitemap - flarum

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  • WP / Woocommerce Mystery

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    @Panda said in WP / Woocommerce Mystery:

    Just back to my other question, have you ever used Shopify?
    It insists on a templating language to use any custom js.

    Not personally as never had any need, however, I do know that it uses Liquid for JS templating. It’s written in Ruby and is used to generate dynamic content on shop fronts. There’s zero reason as to why it wouldn’t work with data supplied by 3rd party API’s, although WordPress code won’t natively work for obvious reasons, and as such, this code would need to be re-written.

    The JS part will likely work with minor modification, but not the PHP file in it’s current form.

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    @justoverclock said in Digitalocean step by step guide to nginx configuration:

    i’m learning

    And that’s the whole point of this site 🙂 If you don’t learn anything, you gain nothing.

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    @Hari I think you’re referring to this

    However, this code was never designed to work with WordPress, but you could leverage the WP-CLI to do something similar without too much effort.

  • Configure SMTP for Nodebb

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    @marusaky based on the work completed thus far (in relation to PM exchanges), I’m going to mark this completed. Sending email from the server itself works fine without issue, and DNS appears to be clean (valid SPF, DMARC, and DKIM records).

    It appears that only Gmail marks incoming messages from your domain as spam - perhaps because of the domain age, which there is nothing we can do to prevent this. Mail delivery to all other domains appears to work fine in al of my tests.

  • installing flarum with plesk

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    @phenomlab thanks a lot, have a nice day 🙂

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    @crazycells huh. Thanks. Will need to check that as well.

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    @phenomlab yes,

    created different app and moved files and DB now everything is working ✅

    thanks 🙂

  • is my DMARC configured correctly?

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    @phenomlab said in is my DMARC configured correctly?:

    you’ll get one from every domain that receives email from yours.

    Today I have received another mail from outlook DMARC, i was referring to your reply again and found it very helpful/informative. thanks again.

    I wish sudonix 100 more great years ahead!