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    @Hari the real issue here is that I don’t think it can be used as a theme for WordPress because of the dependencies it clearly has, including its own Web server.

    My view here is that this is designed to be a complete development environment outside of the WordPress core.

  • Rotating Star Effect

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    @phenomlab thanks a lot for these, both of the below are awesome! ♥

  • WP / Woocommerce Mystery

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    @Panda said in WP / Woocommerce Mystery:

    Just back to my other question, have you ever used Shopify?
    It insists on a templating language to use any custom js.

    Not personally as never had any need, however, I do know that it uses Liquid for JS templating. It’s written in Ruby and is used to generate dynamic content on shop fronts. There’s zero reason as to why it wouldn’t work with data supplied by 3rd party API’s, although WordPress code won’t natively work for obvious reasons, and as such, this code would need to be re-written.

    The JS part will likely work with minor modification, but not the PHP file in it’s current form.

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    Thanks for your inputs ♥️

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    Yes, I am aware that if users are given the option to enter alt text, some may do so in an abusive manner. For the time being, we’ve adjusted the php script to generate the alt automatically, thus there are no longer any SEO problem with alt images.

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    I found it here, ins elements can not have aria elements

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    @phenomlab yes that’s the problem with these J’s, I will try my best , If I find something better I will share. Thanks

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    @Sala I will likely need admin access to your site for this.

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    @Hari I think you’re referring to this

    However, this code was never designed to work with WordPress, but you could leverage the WP-CLI to do something similar without too much effort.

  • WordPress site

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    @jac said in WordPress site:

    It’s Wordpress OUT, and Ghost IN it seems! *preference based .

    Even County’s site uses Wordpress 😉 . Although that does serve it’s purpose.

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    @Hari Glad to see this went so well, and that you’ve finally departed the Flarum ecosystem 🙂

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    @hari the cache level for woocommerce should always be bypass. Any caching of woocommerce will cause you serious issues and will result in the checkout process not functioning correctly.

    This does mean that the overall experience will be slower (depending on geographic location) although CF is known to cause significant issues hence the need to bypass.

    If you want to cache as much as possible, then set rules to bypass caching on the cart and account pages etc.

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    @phenomlab said in Hardening WordPress - Reducing the attack vector:

    @jac Microsoft’s and Google’s Authenticator both support TOTP - essentially, a time based system that changes every 30 seconds. The main principle here is that the device itself carrying the One Time Passcode only needs to be in sync with the source server in terms of time, and can be completely offline with no internet access.

    Provided the time matches on both devices, the One Time Passcode will be accepted. Applications such as Microsoft Authenticator and Authy also support push notification meaning you just choose either yes or no on your device when prompted, and then that response is sent back to the origin which then determines if access is granted or not.

    One of the best looking password less authentication models was CLEF - sadly, this product died out due to a lack of funding (if I recall correctly) although some open source implementations of this have appeared quite recently.

    Essentially, both products will achieve the same goal. TOTP is an industry standard, and widely accepted across the board. Not all services offer push confirmation.

    Many thanks for the detailed reply mate.

    There’s some great advice in there that will help me secure my accounts.

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    @phenomlab said in WordPress installation:

    @jac that plugin is for single sign on between WordPress and NodeBB. The plugin you really need is this

    Brilliant, that does look good! 😁

  • WordPress & NodeBB

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    @jac That won’t matter. You just redirect at nginx or apache level and it’ll work. The generally accepted standard though is to use a subdomain.