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What's your view on RSS - is it dead technology?

  • I’ve been a consumer of RSS feeds since the 90’s (yes, I am that old) and find them increasingly useful given my role in information security. Using an RSS aggregator for example enables me to consume data from multiple sources, and only those that I choose. RSS (for me at least, and likely other security professionals) continues to be a mainstay and staple technology in order to gain access to content considered useful and valuable.

    From its humble beginnings in the late 1990s to its peak in the mid-2000s and its resilience in the face of challenges, RSS has played a vital role in shaping the way we consume content online. While it may no longer be the dominant force it once was, its enduring presence and potential for future innovation ensure that RSS will continue to be a valuable tool for information dissemination and consumption in the digital age.

    I’ve read a number of articles where people consider RSS to be “dead technology”. However, if you look around Github (for example) for RSS feeds relating to information security, you’ll find literally thousands of them. Sadly, many of these have been removed - much to the dismay of those (like me) who appreciate the valuable content they provide.

    What’s your view on RSS feeds? Do you use them?

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