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Collapsing blockquotes on Harmony

  • On Harmony theme blockquotes are not collapsing as it seems. Or am I missing a setting? If there are nested, long quotes it can be a scrolling marathon on mobile devices.

    Does someone have an idea how this could be implemented? I guess it would need some template and css adjustments.

    For example, here there whole screen is filled by quotes:

    Screenshot 2023-05-26 at 00-46-26 Stimmung und Support.png

  • @dave1904 that’s a really good point actually. I know it was there previously on Persona, but you’re right - no such function exists on harmony.

    However, putting something in place to mimick the behaviour of Persona won’t be hard from the js standpoint, although I wonder if perhaps we should ask the NodeBB developers is this feature was overlooked?

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