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Collapsing blockquotes on Harmony

  • On Harmony theme blockquotes are not collapsing as it seems. Or am I missing a setting? If there are nested, long quotes it can be a scrolling marathon on mobile devices.

    Does someone have an idea how this could be implemented? I guess it would need some template and css adjustments.

    For example, here there whole screen is filled by quotes:

    Screenshot 2023-05-26 at 00-46-26 Stimmung und Support.png

  • @dave1904 that’s a really good point actually. I know it was there previously on Persona, but you’re right - no such function exists on harmony.

    However, putting something in place to mimick the behaviour of Persona won’t be hard from the js standpoint, although I wonder if perhaps we should ask the NodeBB developers is this feature was overlooked?

  • Whitespace fixes in Nodebb

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    @Panda Just circling back here with something of an update (which I think you’ll like). I’ve completely restructured the ranking system. There are now less ranks, with a higher point threshold to reach them.

    More importantly, if you reload the site, you’ll notice that the ranks are now icons.

    I also removed the “Author” badge, and made this a single icon, which (to me) looks much better.

  • Smart Widgets

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    @Panda said in Smart Widgets:

    So why is that, or conversely why would the function to expose username ever be required, as it seems app.user is already an available global object?

    It is, yes, but not if you are using it outside of a widget. The function I wrote is also historical and comes from the 2.x train 🙂

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    @Panda said in Upgrade to NodeBB v3? 2BB or not 2BB, that is the question!:

    So although thats a plugin it has Widget like element and stopped working on the Theme change

    Which is normal based on the widgets being reset when you change themes.

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    @dave1904 just coming back to this thread as @DownPW and I both experienced issues with other plugins today, and the fix was to use the plugin ordering in the ACP and move the Harmony theme to the very top so it comes before everything else in terms of other plugins.

    It might be worth at least trying this to see if it gives you a result rather than the previous bulldozer approach. Thinking about it, the previous fix I proposed is along the same lines and disabling plugins does in fact change the order when they are enabled again, so this is definitely worth a try.

    Let me know how you get on.

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    @mventures Yes, exactly. The other icon will restart NodeBB whilst the first icon I referenced will rebuild (recompile) it.

    The huge strength of NodeBB over Flarum (for example) is that the code is precompiled, and called once at boot. PHP’s code has to repeatedly reload code from source making it much slower.

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    The real issue here is that most people consider forums to be “dead” in the sense that nobody uses them anymore, and social media groups have taken their place. Their once dominant stance in the 90’s and early 00’s will never be experienced again, but having said that, there are a number of forums that did in fact survive the social media onslaught, and still enjoy a large user base.

    Forums tend to be niche. One that immediately sticks out is Reddit - despite looking like it was designed in the 80s, it still has an enormous user base. Another is Stack Overflow, which needs no introduction. The key to any forum is the content it offers, and the more people whom contribute in terms of posting , the more popular and widely respected it becomes as a reliable source of information.

    Forums are still intensely popular with gamers, alongside those that offer tips on hacking etc.

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    OMG make sense

    Thanks dude 🙂

  • nodebb dropdown menu

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    @phenomlab said in nodebb dropdown menu:

    @kurulumu-net You set it like the below example taken from this site


    Which presents this


    Very interesting…

    I actually thought this wasn’t possible, as I remember it being asked in the NodeBB forum.

    Is this something new that’s been implemented? I’ll 100% be doing that when I’m on the laptop over the weekend.