Using nodebb as a publishing destination, posting after git push?

  • Bear with me, this is a bit of a perversion of forum software to use it more as a CMS.
    I want to create an active community. You need to write a lot for that to happen. I do write a lot, but my style is to create a highly connected graph of small thoughts (aka digital garden, aka zettelkasten).

    My ideal workflow is that I have lots of .md files which link to each other.

    I want to publish those to nodebb, as top post on a thread. @phenomlab you already use nodebb instead of a blog, after trying software that was custom-build for blogs (ghost) and not finding it better than nodebb posts! This is very similar, but I want to publish/update lots of posts at once.

    Ideal workflow: I have lots of md files on my local machine. I update them as I like. When I’m ready, I do a git push or similar, and all content appears/gets updated on nodebb.

    This is a perversion: using forum software as a CMS.

    My question is: is this doable? Worth doing? Would I bump into issues in the future if I do this?

  • @qwinter I wouldn’t use git push for this unless you are specifically looking for version control. I’d personally use the NodeBB API to do exactly this. I have some working code I can share to assist in this process. Essentially, you could just create your own RSS feed, and have NodeBB pull from that directly.

    The code requires some PHP and the SimplePie library - have a look at this

    Something similar I did when using Flarum. If you’d like an idea of how effective this can be, ask @JAC who I’ve written various customizations for over the years for sites that he’s run previously.

  • @phenomlab wow, no surprise you had thought of this. Yeah I want to keep versions but of course I can do that while still pushing things to an RSS feed.

    Will ask @JAC , thanks for the idea and potentially the scripts!

    Unrelated: I like this at the bottom of the post:

    Referenced by
    phenomlab phenomlab

    Which plugin is that?

  • @qwinter this particular site uses the code I wrote if you want to see it in action. It’s a information and intelligence gatherer I designed for collecting various information security articles from around the globe and consolidating them in one place.

    Essentially, each “post” is in fact generated by the script, and the NodeBB API.