Can you adjust Admin settings on your NodeBB?

  • I made post on NodeBB community under the Bug thread: about not being able to adjust or save repuation related action values in admin>settings>reputation
    It wont accept any less than zero anywhere.
    The reply was to raise a bug issue on github which I did.
    However I note in my console log I get errors:
    error loading admin/settings/reputation
    Error: Cannot find module ‘./settings/reputation’
    Its as if its looking for a file thats not in my set up?

    Can a bug this fundemental really still exist for everyone?
    If anyone could try adjusting a setting on your admin panel,
    E.g minimum reputation needed to chat -1
    will yours save the page with any negative value in any field?

  • Just an update,
    it looks like a fix has been added for this issue (for 3.2.0 milestone), it has “the regression label” on the fix,
    What does Regression label mean in this context?
    When likely can I upgrade to the mentioned 3.2.0 ?

  • @Panda I don’t see this as a bug to be fair. Why would you set a negative value on any of these when 0 would suffice?

  • @phenomlab because if you have a forum (like political) where people have different opinions and may downvote a response, just being at a negative rep shouldnt necessarily block someone from all features.
    This wouldnt apply on a page like this where people only upvote others, Im thinking in the case of a more volatile or debating forum

    Of course one option would be to remove downvoting, which seems to be the case on sudonix 🙂
    Anyway it used to work, and suddenly broke. I figured out thats what the Regression tag means!

  • @Panda as, yes, now I understand and that makes 100% sense. It means those who get down voted can still have an opinion and use common services.

    And yes, you’re right. Rather than down vote, just ignore if you don’t agree.

  • Upgrade issues

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    Use this code

    git fetch # Grab the latest code from the NodeBB repository git checkout v3.x git reset --hard origin/v3.x

    And you will have the latest version without specifying it

  • Nodebb 3.2.2

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    @crazycells yes, I’ve just seen that and modified the post. It seems to only happen if you have a space between the “greater than” symbol and the actual text.

    Clearly a markdown thing.

  • Nodebb 3.2.0

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    @crazycells yes, I’m aware of that. Need to fix

    EDIT- fixed. Caused by the same CSS that is used to absolutely position the “verified” group badge in the posts view. Amended this CSS so that is specifically targets the post stream as below

    li[component="post"] a[href*="/groups/verified"] { position: absolute !important; left: 8px; z-index: 2; margin-top: 1px; border-radius: 999px !important; line-height: 14px; display: block; height: 22px; margin-left: 0px !important; }
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    @Panda said in Interesting Widget code, but can’t fetch API:

    How did you drop that widget into the post there?
    I hadnt seen this BSgenerator anywhere on sudonix site, do you use it somewhere already?

    Yes, here

    It’s not a “post” or “topic” in the common sense. It is actually a page in it’s own right and leverages nodebb-plugin-custom-pages. This in turn creates a new “route” which behaves like a page, meaning it is then exposed for widgets.

    @Panda said in Interesting Widget code, but can’t fetch API:

    Also can you explain more what you mean by calling the code externally. In my API call example, how would I go about doing that?

    By this, I mean create all the required code in an external JS file that is reachable by the NodeBB instance - so, in “public” for example - or in my case /public/js. The widget then “calls” that file and because it runs outside of the scope of NodeBB, you just need to return the values to the widget.

    Hope this makes sense?

  • NodeBB upgrade now cant post

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    @Panda yes, for some reason, that is the case. If you need an urgent response, it’s probably better to post here because of the time difference.

  • Email validation NodeBB

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    @Panda said in Email validation NodeBB:

    Did you configure that as a custom change to the usual quote icon. How do you do that?
    I notice on NodeBB site its a solid blue quotes

    Yes, I changed it. NodeBB by default users the free font awesome library whereas I use the pro (paid) version SDK have access to a wider set of icons, and at different thicknesses etc. The change of colour is just simple CSS.

  • Fontawesome 5

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    @pwsincd hi. Just following up on this thread (I know it’s old) but was curious to understand if it’s still an issue or not ?

  • NodeBB 1.19.3

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    I find the problem Mark 😉

    The error message indicated this path :


    I change the path url on config.json


    And all it’s good 🙂

    Weird, I didn’t have to change that path before 1.19.3

    But this does not prevent the problem from a clean install with Emoji Plugin

    EDIT: After test, that resolv the problem installation for 1.18.x but not for 1.19.x (I have other error message when I run ./nodebb Setup

    For resume: NodeJS 16_x with 1.18.x is ok