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COMPLETED: Scheduled Domain move - Saturday 20th May, 2023

  • Hi All,

    As you know, Sudonix has been subjected to recent re-branding from the design perspective. This is now mostly complete, and now the focus is the final part, which is as below (from this post)

    Soon, the domain suffix will change from .com to .org (so, from to This is completely transparent to all users and you won’t have to change anything. Everything will still work as it did before

    Q: Why is this changing?

    A: The .com TLD suffix is traditionally tied to “for profit” organisation, which Sudonix is not. Adopting the .org domain TLD conveys the message that this really is not-for-profit and therefore, should open up the playing field to others who may have expressed some level of trepidation in terms of creating an account and asking for help for fear that they may be slapped with some form of levy, or get a ton of junk email in return.

    Back “in the day”, there was a clear demarcation between .com and .org domains, but that has since fallen by the wayside where even profit making organisations can use .org and still charge for services. Admittedly, this does sound counter intuitive given our perspective, but it is a route we intend to take as a means of extending the service to those who previously may have kept their distance for the reasons above. The domain of .org is also applied typically to communities (which is what this is), and therefore, another reason to make this change.

    Q: Will Sudonix become a “paid” service

    A: No. There are no plans for this to ever be implemented as it goes directly against the ethic of the pro-bono / free services we set out to provide.

    Q: When will this happen?

    A: The domain migration is planned for this weekend - with the vast majority being completed tomorrow from around 4pm BST. Post the migration, existing links will still work - but they will redirect to automatically.

    Q: What will happen to the .com suffix?

    A: Nothing. It will continue to exist, but will redirect to

    Q: Will any data be lost?

    A: No. The running services on will be stopped, meaning the platform will be inaccessible for the duration of the move. Once the platform has been moved, services will be started on with a redirect placed on (as above). This means that you do not need to do anything on your side, but you should ideally change any bookmarks you have.

    Any other questions, let me know and I’ll be happy to answer them 🙂

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  • Those with a keen eye may have noticed that we are now using and a redirect has been placed on Just performing some cleanup, and issuing a new certificate, and we’re golden.

  • New wildcard cert issued, and some node modules rebuilt because they broke after the domain move. All good 🙂

  • Quick update - I decided to do the redirect from to using Cloudflare’s Edge Network as it’s much more efficient than having to send the request to this server for it to simply then bounce back.

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