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  • I’m currently evaluating the services offered by Webdock

    In order to create a real “apples for apples” test, I have recovered this site onto the test server I’m running. The onboarding with Webdock is extremely impressive - a new server build takes around 20 seconds to provision 🙂

    As for the evaluation of Webdock, I’m loving it so far. Very friendly UI, and pretty decent speeds. It costs more than Hetzner at €20 per month (around £16), but compare the capabilities of these two. instances and it’s easy to spot several key differences





    Here’s the Geekbench test for that same processor

    However, the grass isn’t always greener on the other side, and it’s going to take a lot for me to move away from Hetzner. This particular exercise was really to test my DR and BCP plan as below

    • I can recover the entire site without issue ✔
    • I can recover the database without issue ✔

    The evaluation continues…

    For those who may be interested, Webdock has presence in Europe (Helskini) and Canada (Montreal) - see below


    One distinct advantage Webdock has over Hetzner is the ability to freeze servers, and place them in cold storage. You can do this for up to three servers without having to pay for them


    As evidenced here


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  • Just coming back to this thread for review (as I often do), and it looks like Webdock have increased their available offerings - some are extremely powerful, yet very competitive from the pricing perspective.


    10 CPU cores, plus 20Gb RAM? Well worth a look (and the asking price) - there’s also a fixed IP which is hugely beneficial.

    Clearly, this is well beyond what most people will want to spend - it’s more of an example (but interestingly, Sudonix runs on something not too different from the above).

    However, not all that glitters is gold 😕 - just have a walk through the benchmark report I found below and you’ll see a huge difference between Heztner and Webdock

    That being said, the amount of HTTP requests that Webdock handles in relation to Hetzner is superior - @DownPW you might want to have a look at this - there’s a free 24 hour trial… 🙂