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  • Sudonix has recently been featured on, an Italian based blog dedicated to the world of overclocking and gaming hardware, and offering news and insights on the digital world 💗


    See the review here. It’s in Italian, so you can either use a translator (if you’re not a native Italian speaker), or view the translated article below

    "We know that launching a website is not always a simple thing, you have to set it up well and not everyone is always (alas) capable of doing it.

    Everything becomes even more complicated if you have decided to use a VPS server, and not a managed hosting.

    In fact, although having a VPS undoubtedly has advantages (such as the freedom to create your own environment without having to submit to the rules of managed hosting), it also puts you in front of a much higher level of complexity.

    In fact, managing your VPS server means having to install one by one the components that will be used by your website (apache, nginx, mysql, php, etc. …). And therefore having to do most of the command line operations.

    If despite the premise (like me) you want to try your hand in this world and learn how to manage your website, here is a very important resource that comes to our aid in a completely free way. I’m talking about Sudonix , which is a website managed by professionals in the sector that will help you step by step in the management and configuration of your server, as long as you know a minimum of English (in fact the site is not Italian).

    We have tried the service, and we will try it again since we always need new information, and for this reason we recommend it to you too!


    This review was provided by @justoverclock, who leveraged the free services on offer here to help him on his journey to managing his own VPS.

    And the thread that got this started ? Well, you’ll find that here

  • @phenomlab Congrats!! That is awesome! You do a phenomenal job!!

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    @crazycells that’s as good a test as any 🙂

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    @phenomlab very nice and useful idea

    Bravo Xd GIF

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    I relented somewhat here and added another swatch - one I missed, which was previous called “blackout”. This specific one has been adapted to work on the new theming engine, but the others have been reclassified, and renamed to suit.


    As a result, the theme you might have had will probably be reflecting something else, so you (might) need to change your themes accordingly. The changes are as follows

    Light -> No Change
    Cloudy -> Is now the old “Dim”
    Dim -> Is now the old “Dark”
    Dark -> Now a new theme based on the revamped “Blackout”

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    @DownPW Yes, this is the general idea. I’m also in the process of putting together a welcome message to be displayed when a new user registers so they can explore all of the services on offer.

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    @crazycells said in Rebranding / other changes:

    thanks for the info you gave, I need to transfer this info to our dev team

    No problems - let me know if you need any other info.

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    @phenomlab said in Theming support in Sudonix:

    I thought I’d better come by here with an update so everyone knows that the Swatch project isn’t abandoned, or has simply “gone cold”. In fact, quite the opposite.

    I’ve setup a dev instance on my home network which I’m currently developing against. I’ll put some screenshots up soon, but the Swatch code is currently enjoying a rewrite. The great news is that you’ll get ten times the flexibility you have now meaning greater support for light themes, although the downside is that there isn’t that much backwards compatibility meaning some of my own themes even need to be completely redesigned.

    However, this isn’t the end of the world. Once you’re familiar with the classes, it really doesn’t take long at all to create your own themes.

    More to follow.

    I’ll be putting together a video of what the revamped theme will look like very soon - just got some small issues to iron out, and code cleanup beforehand…

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    Just coming back to this thread for review (as I often do), and it looks like Webdock have increased their available offerings - some are extremely powerful, yet very competitive from the pricing perspective.


    10 CPU cores, plus 20Gb RAM? Well worth a look (and the asking price) - there’s also a fixed IP which is hugely beneficial.

    Clearly, this is well beyond what most people will want to spend - it’s more of an example (but interestingly, Sudonix runs on something not too different from the above).

    However, not all that glitters is gold 😕 - just have a walk through the benchmark report I found below and you’ll see a huge difference between Heztner and Webdock

    That being said, the amount of HTTP requests that Webdock handles in relation to Hetzner is superior - @DownPW you might want to have a look at this - there’s a free 24 hour trial… 🙂


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    Thank you mark @phenomlab for sharing 👏
    And good job for the new logo 🙂