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Threaded post support for NodeBB

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  • Threaded chat support for NodeBB

    Let's Build It
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    @DownPW said in Threaded chat support for NodeBB:

    Better like this : add shadow and border-left on self answer

    Of course - you style to your own requirements and taste 🙂 I’ll commit that CSS we discussed yesterday also

  • Fixed background to nodebb forum

    Solved Configure
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    @Panda said in Fixed background to nodebb forum:

    Chatgpt told me the ::before method.

    Go figure 😛

  • Nodebb design

    Solved General
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    @Panda said in Nodebb design:

    One negative is not being so good for SEO as more Server side rendered forums, if web crawlers dont run the JS to read the forum.

    From recollection, Google and Bing have the capability to read and process JS, although it’s not in the same manner as a physical person will consume content on a page. It will be seen as plain text, but will be indexed. However, it’s important to note that Yandex and Baidu will not render JS, although seeing as Google has a 90% share of the content available on the web in terms of indexing, this isn’t something you’ll likely lose sleep over.

    @Panda said in Nodebb design:

    The “write api” is preferred for server-to-server interactions.

    This is mostly based around overall security - you won’t typically want a client machine changing database elements or altering data. This is why you have “client-side” which could be DOM manipulation etc, and “server-side” which performs more complex operations as it can communicate directly with the database whereas the client cannot (and if it can, then you have a serious security flaw). Reading from the API is perfectly acceptable on the client-side, but not being able to write.

    A paradigm here would be something like SNMP. This protocol exists as a UDP (UDP is very efficient, as it is “fire and forget” and does not wait for a response like TCP does) based service which reads performance data from a remote source, thus enabling an application to parse that data for use in a monitoring application. In all cases, SNMP access should be “RO” (Read Only) and not RW (Read Write). It is completely feasible to assume complete control over a firewall for example by having RW access to SNMP and then exposing it to the entire internet with a weak passphrase.

    You wouldn’t do it (at least, I hope you wouldn’t) and the same ethic applies to server-side rendering and the execution of commands.

  • Composer Zen icon?

    Solved Configure
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    @DownPW exactly. Not really a new concept, and in all honesty, not something I’ve ever used.

    If you consider the need to add links and references, or citations, you’d need to be able to see other parts of the screen!

  • Setup OGProxy for use in NodeBB

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    @crazycells said in Setup OGProxy for use in NodeBB:

    are they cached for each user separately?

    No. It’s a shared cache

    @crazycells said in Setup OGProxy for use in NodeBB:

    additionally, this is also handling youtube videos etc, right?

    No. This is handled by nodebb-plugin-ns-embed

  • restarting nodebb on boot

    Unsolved Configure
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    @eeeee said in restarting nodebb on boot:

    can I just run nodebb under nodemon for auto restarts?

    It’s a better method. Nodemon just looks for file system changes and would effectively die if the server was rebooted meaning you’d have to start it again anyway. Systemd is the defacto standard which is how the operating system interacts in terms of services, scheduled tasks etc.

  • what does sound/mute button do?

    Solved Customisation
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    @crazycells Yeah, looking at the plugin itself, that’s a hard coded limit


    I’ll probably remove that… eventually…

  • NodeBB templates

    Locked Chitchat
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    Placing this here for reference

    Further information and posts can be found at this link