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Updating Node and NPM

  • Hi,

    I have actually given up on the forum for the time being due to lack of interest. I am thinking of just doing a test forum just for me only and to practice etc but that will be sometime in the next months.

    In the meantime I have a question that I feel here is the best place to ask 🙂 Love the forum the look and the great advice.

    I am basically running just 1 app on my home server for gaming that uses node.js and npm. Both my versions of those are older versions but I know sometimes in the past after an update it ‘broke’ the app making me now reluctant to update again. Why change a winning side right? It works.

    What is the correct way to update them both. Clear cache needed etc? I will do a back up before (if) I update the versions.

    Hope all are ok and safe. Thanks for any replies.


  • @Sampo2910 before we start, do you know if the app itself you are running is compatible with the latest release of NodeJS ? I don’t expect npm to be an issue as it’s the Node Package Manager.

  • @phenomlab Hi thx for the reply.

    I am using this

    NeHo does not update it so much to be honest. I spoke to him and he does it from ‘time to time’

    I installed nvm so I can see the latest version of node etc and I guess i can just roll back if it does not work?

    Is there a way I can see what the app version of Node is? Then i could install ‘up to that’ and keep an eye out for any changes?

    As i said I am also all for not breaking a winning side haha and leave it as it is.

  • @Sampo2910 I think the best approach is to perhaps install this in a virtual machine where you can setup everything new, then attempt to install the app itself to ensure it works as desired before you attempt the actual upgrade on your server.

    The virtual machine itself can be installed on your own PC and will act just like an independent machine but of course is part of your own machine.

    Are you familiar with virtual machine concerts? Happy to help with this if needed.

  • @Sampo2910 said in Updating Node and NPM:

    Is there a way I can see what the app version of Node is? Then i could install ‘up to that’ and keep an eye out for any changes?

    Have a look in the source code for the app you are using, or better still, look at the GitHub page which should give you an idea of the version number which is the latest.

    In the source code you have running, there is typically a README file which should state the version you are running.

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    @Norrad Are you looking for anything in particular? I only ask because Sudonix uses a number of custom functions which I wrote, but all are available on GitHub and fully supported here.

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    @Hari Really? Can you elaborate a bit more here?

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    @phenomlab said in Come back PhP, all is forgiven!:

    I used IONOS for a while, and realised that Hetzner provide a much better deal for those experienced with Linux. I know @cagatay, @DownPW and myself all use Hetzner, and I think @Madchatthew (whom I haven’t seen for a while ) was also considering taking their services. There’s an affiliate link below if you’d like to go down that route

    Yep hetzner is very very cool and I haven’t seen before a panel magentment as complete as him : backup, snapshot, add cpu core, ram is easy.

    @phenomlab said in Come back PhP, all is forgiven!:

    Obtaining a VPS comes with the double-edged sword of being completely on your own with no support, although by using Virtualmin, you’ll find life so much simpler (something I know @DownPW can attest to, as I managed to convert him )

    Yep Virtualmin is very cool 😉
    And it makes life much easier for server management, domain, nginx and so on even if it is always better to know how to do all this in CLI. I would say that the 2 are really complementary

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    @Vijay-Kumavat-0 I think you’d be better off customising the plugin above to be honest. It seems like you’d be reinventing the wheel otherwise.

    I’d modify


    These seem to be the two files that control what is in the dropdown lists.

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    @Panda said in Sidebar Widget is no longer on the side!:

    Ah, so sidebar wont work on mobile?

    Correct. If you review the docs on bootstrap, you’ll notice that it is designed on a grid system

    What I mean by changing the category is moving it on here to general as you posted it in bugs, when it isn’t.

  • node vs nodejs confusion?

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    @eeeee have a look at the below

    curl -sL | sudo -E bash - sudo apt-get install -y nodejs

    You’ll notice that we are in fact “installing” NodeJS but never actually have a need to reference it. Here’s the nodejs --version command on my dev system


    More detail here

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    @JAC ALWAYS shop around. Bitdefender, despite being a great product, have a habit of charging more for a renewal than they do a new subscription!