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Peoples thoughts on Nextjs?

  • Over the last months I tried writing some small apps using Nextjs on Vercel.
    I’m not a technical expert, but I have never found anything so complicated, that seems to break at every step!
    I joined a Nextjs Discord chat and it is enlightening to see how many people have issues with so many things. In particular some functions that would work on Nodejs, or conventional hosting.
    I never really got into React, (because for what I do vanilla JS is enough) and I’m not onboard yet with ‘thin backends’ and the obsession to have everything in the cloud.

    I wonder where it will go in the future? Will Nextjs and frameworks like it be the future, or will it fade into oblivion?
    It is a learning curve which I am stepping off for now, but I’m curious on others opinions.

  • @Panda I have the same opinion here. NextJS is a framework for react, and like angular, I was never one to simply dive off into the deep without having any real need to do so. I’m conversant with nodeJS, vanilla js, and several other languages (including PHP which I have years of experience in and developed / still maintain an application at work that was custom written by me to fulfill an audit requirement), and in all honesty, I don’t really want to spend my life learning new frameworks unless I have a need to do so.

    I’ve been on the nodeJS train for some time now, and given my adoption of NodeBB, this makes perfect sense.

    Bleeding edge is fun if you want to experiment and learn, but with so many frameworks popping up all over the place, how many do we actually need?

    I guess most of this really depends on unique use cases, but I’ve yet to come across an issue that meant I had to rewrite an application in a different language to resolve an issue. It’s almost like using a bulldozer to find a china cup.

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    @Panda I think we’re already seeing that direction being followed - although probably not in the sense of self-hosted.

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    @phenomlab said in Come back PhP, all is forgiven!:

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    @crazycells I know that Flarum has (or had) an extension that lists the users. That wasn’t even in the core - as basic as that is.

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    @eeeee have a look at the below

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    @Sampo2910 said in Updating Node and NPM:

    Is there a way I can see what the app version of Node is? Then i could install ‘up to that’ and keep an eye out for any changes?

    Have a look in the source code for the app you are using, or better still, look at the GitHub page which should give you an idea of the version number which is the latest.

    In the source code you have running, there is typically a README file which should state the version you are running.