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  • Continuing my Widgets struggle here as although I asked about it on NodeBB forum, I still have remaining areas of confusion.
    I dont find the menu intuitive. In particular now Ive understood that the global .tpl will apply everywhere, are these Category / Topic settings irrelevant?

    Excuse the blurry photo, but what is the point of that
    Category 0
    Topic 0
    If its going to apply globally anyway?

  • @Panda is there any reason not to include a screenshot rather than a photo of the screen? It’s a bit hard to decipher a blurry image 🙂

  • Apologies, was having technical difficulties with laptop with no PrtSrn button!

    There are tpl files for category and categories
    It seems this field works under category.tpl and not categories.tpl

    Im confused what the categories.tpl is for, but the category.tpl is working now, so problem solved

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  • @Panda category is for a category in its own, so for example, “fruit” whereas categories is the page that contains all categories as a list.

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