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adding some console.log to Nodebb

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  • I’m trying some code small addition to NodeBB.
    for debugging purposed where do any outputs from console.log() go?

    Usually, when I run my own stand-alone node code it ‘hangs the screen’ until Ctrl-X out of it, hence you can see console.logs
    But as nodeBB runs as a service in the background, you dont see console.log output on the screen

  • @eeeee output from console.log will be in the console tab of the browser when your press F12 to access the developer tools.

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  • @phenomlab
    oh, surely only javascript console.log goes to front end, Im meaning using console.log in server side node code.
    What I want is a note to myself on server, not viewable front end.
    for example Ive added some code which doesnt work, and I want to log (somewhere)
    “Reached this code”
    So I want to console log to a server side file I can go and read to help me debug.
    Is there a nodebb log already in use I can write to?
    I tried making my own txt file as using fs.writeFile and that did not work, but thinking some built in console.log command would be simpler

  • @eeeee if you’re using the console, you could try

    node app.js > app.log 2>&1

    This would redirect stdout to a file named app.log and redirect stderr to stdout.

    I’m not sure about standard logging under NodeBB, but there is an error log located at logs/error.log.

    Failing that, you could always stop the NodeBB service then use ./nodebb dev from the console which would then provide debug output.

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