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build nodebb Warning in entrypoint size limit

Solved Performance

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    @DownPW it’s your only realistic option at this stage.

  • SEO and Nodebb

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    @Panda It’s the best it’s ever been to be honest. I’ve used a myriad of systems in the past - most notably, WordPress, and then Flarum (which for SEO, was absolutely dire - they never even had SEO out of the box, and relied on a third party extension to do it), and NodeBB easily fares the best - see below example

    However, this was not without significant effort on my part once I’d migrated from COM to ORG - see below posts

    And also

    It was painful to say the least - as it turns out, there was an issue in NodeBB core that prevented spiders from getting to content, which as far as I understand, is now fixed. SEO in itself is a dark art - a black box that nobody really fully understands, and it’s essentially going to boil down to one thing - “content”.

    Google’s algorithm for indexing has also changed dramatically over the years. They only now crawl content that has value, so if it believes that your site has nothing to offer, it will simply skip it.

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    @crazycells hi - no security reason, or anything specific in this case. However, the nginx.conf I posted was from my Dev environment which uses this port as a way of not interfering with production.

    And yes, I use clustering on this site with three instances.

  • NodeBB inline videoplayer

    Solved Customisation
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    YAY! It works
    Thanks so much

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    @qwinter this particular site uses the code I wrote if you want to see it in action. It’s a information and intelligence gatherer I designed for collecting various information security articles from around the globe and consolidating them in one place.

    Essentially, each “post” is in fact generated by the script, and the NodeBB API.

  • Social icon (Nodebb)

    Solved Customisation
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    @phenomlab said in Social icon (Nodebb):

    @jac I just tested my theory around using the OG image, and according to the Twitter card validator, it works fine


    fixed 🙂

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    @jac said in [NodeBB] custom Gravatar image not showing:

    @phenomlab said in [NodeBB] custom Gravatar image not showing:

    @jac are you using Custom ?

    Sure am mate 👍🏻

    Confirmed Fixed