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  • Composer options on nodebb

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    @Panda You should be able to expose the CSS for these using F12 to get into console



    That should then expose the element once selected


    Here’s the below CSS you need based on the screenshot provided.

    .composer .formatting-bar .formatting-group li[data-format="picture-o"], .composer .formatting-bar .formatting-group li[data-format="spoiler"] { display: none; }
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    @mventures You’d need to connect to the server and execute it directly - not on your local terminal. Review the guide below, which will show you how to gain access via SSH to your server

    Once you have access, you’ll need to navigate to the actual folder where NodeBB is installed

    You’ll then need to change to the directory as shown below



    In most cases, initial access takes you to the root of the file system. You can always issue pwd in a Linux terminal which will show you the Present Working Directory. From there, you can issue the command

    cd /home/ubuntu/nodebb

    Once in the NodeBB directory, you’d use the below commands

    ./nodebb stop git fetch && git checkout develop && git reset --hard origin/develop ./nodebb upgrade ./nodebb start

    Line 1 stops the NodeBB instance
    Line 2 gets the latest files from GIT (repository) and then checks out the development branch. It then resets the version you are using to the development branch ready for v3
    Line 3 Runs the upgrade once the new branch is set, and code pulled
    Line 4 Restarts the NodeBB instance after the upgrade has completed

    Note that when you restart NodeBB and log back in, things will look very different to what you had in v2.

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    @mventures Yes, exactly. The other icon will restart NodeBB whilst the first icon I referenced will rebuild (recompile) it.

    The huge strength of NodeBB over Flarum (for example) is that the code is precompiled, and called once at boot. PHP’s code has to repeatedly reload code from source making it much slower.

  • nodebb loading emojis

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    @DownPW sure. Let me have a look at this in more detail. I know nginx plus has extensive support for this, but it’s not impossible to get somewhere near acceptable with the standard version.

    You might be better off handling this at the Cloudflare level given that it sits in between the requesting client and your server.

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    @phenomlab Work now 😉

  • MailGun Not Working NodeBB

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    @phenomlab did it 🙂 i did not create smtp user on mailgun. everything is working now.


  • Configure SMTP for Nodebb

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    @marusaky based on the work completed thus far (in relation to PM exchanges), I’m going to mark this completed. Sending email from the server itself works fine without issue, and DNS appears to be clean (valid SPF, DMARC, and DKIM records).

    It appears that only Gmail marks incoming messages from your domain as spam - perhaps because of the domain age, which there is nothing we can do to prevent this. Mail delivery to all other domains appears to work fine in al of my tests.

  • nodebb dropdown menu

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    @phenomlab said in nodebb dropdown menu:

    @kurulumu-net You set it like the below example taken from this site


    Which presents this


    Very interesting…

    I actually thought this wasn’t possible, as I remember it being asked in the NodeBB forum.

    Is this something new that’s been implemented? I’ll 100% be doing that when I’m on the laptop over the weekend.