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    @Hari the real issue here is that I don’t think it can be used as a theme for WordPress because of the dependencies it clearly has, including its own Web server.

    My view here is that this is designed to be a complete development environment outside of the WordPress core.

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    You might want to also review this post

  • Category For User

    Solved Configure
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    3.5.1 has now been released. I’ve just deployed it, so safe to do so!

  • Changing H2 color

    Solved WordPress
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    @Sala Just checked your site. This should work

    .bs-blog-post .title, .bs-blog-post .title a { color: #ffffff; }

    It’s worth noting the existing CSS, which uses variables like the below

    color: var(--head-color);

    These come under the :root section as below

    :root { --head-color: #212121; --stext-color: #000; --text-color: #718096; --wtext-color: #fff; --bg-color: #fff; --box-color: #fff; --border-color: #e2e8f0; --wrap-color: #eff2f7; }

    You can easily override these by using the CSS I provided at the top of this post, or you can change the underlying colours defined in the variables. However, taking this route may mean other objects are styled in the same way, which may not be the desired result.

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    @Panda I see why - if you check the browser console, there’s an error logged there. This is from one of my VM’s


    There is a decision tree that pulls the value of the editor theme from the saved browser settings on each load, but that fails if the theme has never been changed, and the user has the default (in your case, you are using light mode, so it serves “flatly” by default, but the editor itself is never set and returns null

    This below code changes that

    /* If savedTheme is undefined it will return null - based on this, we assume that the user has the default theme selected and never changed it, so we'll need to force that here */ if(!savedTheme) { var savedTheme = "flatly"; }

    If you reload your browser and test again, it should work properly.

  • Viewing Permission.

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    Ah Mark you are a star. Thank you very much. I just logged on and seen someone had worked their magic 🙂

    Again it is very much appreciated.

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    @JAC said in KeepSolid VPN Unlimited DEAL:

    although all are going to have their own flaws one way or another,

    Exactly that - none of them are going to suit every individual purpose. You have to read the reviews, decide what functionality you need, and then make a judgement call for yourself (and your own unique needs).

    There is no “wrong or right”, although I would steer clear of those that do not have a no-logs policy for privacy reasons alone.

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    @crazycells briefly, yes. I think what concerns be the most with home brew VPN convective like this is a lack of security updates, and potentially leaving yourself open.

    I’ve yet to actually try it, but I know there are a variety of ways to achieve the same goal.