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    Very good like always 😉

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    Yes ogproxy too is functionnal on dev

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    For anyone else coming here and is struggling to get pm2 to work with Umami (as I did - it started, but never seemed to work after a reboot which is pretty useless), you can use the below. Obviously, change the parts noted inside the [brackets]. Follow the below instructions:


    Open a terminal and create a new systemd service file:

    sudo nano /etc/systemd/system/umami.service

    Add the following content to the file:

    [Unit] Description=Umami Analytics Server [Service] Type=simple User=[umami user] WorkingDirectory=[path to umami] ExecStart=/usr/local/bin/node [path to umami]/node_modules/.bin/next start Restart=on-failure [Install]

    Replace [umami user] with the username of the user that should run the Umami service, and [path to umami] with the actual path to your Umami installation.

    Save the file and exit the editor.

    Reload the systemd manager configuration:

    sudo systemctl daemon-reload

    Enable the Umami service to start on boot:

    sudo systemctl enable umami.service

    Start the Umami service:

    sudo systemctl start umami.service

    You can check the status of the service with:

    sudo systemctl status umami.service

    This systemd service file will ensure that Umami starts automatically when the system boots, and it will restart the service if it fails. Remember to adjust the WorkingDirectory and ExecStart paths according to where Umami is installed on your system, and ensure that Node.js is installed and accessible at /usr/bin/node (or adjust the path to Node.js as necessary).

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    Oh yes, that’s what’s super cool, I learn something every day. Afterwards I start from so low in JS

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    @DownPW said in Threaded chat support for NodeBB:

    Better like this : add shadow and border-left on self answer

    Of course - you style to your own requirements and taste 🙂 I’ll commit that CSS we discussed yesterday also

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    Updated git for above change

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    thanks Mark.

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    @crazycells said in Setup OGProxy for use in NodeBB:

    are they cached for each user separately?

    No. It’s a shared cache

    @crazycells said in Setup OGProxy for use in NodeBB:

    additionally, this is also handling youtube videos etc, right?

    No. This is handled by nodebb-plugin-ns-embed