Theme changes

  • I’ve recently revamped the theme to automatically detect those who prefer dark mode over light. Based on this, anyone viewing this forum - either as a user, or as a guest, and has defined dark mode at operating system level, will receive the dark theme by default - no more having to select this (although the ability to toggle between light and dark still exists) when you first enter the site.

    To me, it makes much more sense to respect the settings visitors prefer rather than force a particular theme on them by default.

    Night owl ? No problem. Light lover ? No problem 👍

  • Added more visual enhancements - see if you can spot them ! 🙂

  • Even more eye candy added 💓

    See if you can spot it (note, you may have to reload your browser window to see it). I’ll give you a hint - most of the changes are visible in dark mode 🙂

  • Plenty more subtle changes, and some “under the hood” stuff to further enhance the experience. Just because you can’t see it, that doesn’t mean it’s not there 👍

  • Frequent visitor here may well have noticed several changes. I’m not going to list them all 😃 but do let me know if you experience any issues.

  • There’s still some very minor bugs in the two themes (light and dark) but these will be resolved in the coming days. Some are specific to firefox, and well require special attention, but will still be resolved nonetheless.