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Apple, what were you thinking?

  • I expect that by now, everyone has seen the new Apple commercial? For those who haven’t, here you go

    Unsurprisingly, this video has attracted a lot of criticism for its content. I for one will NEVER buy into the Apple ecosystem and have always preferred Android devices - for that one reason alone, I’ll never likely be a customer. However, in my view, this advert is in extremely poor taste.

    If you watch the advert, you’ll see where I’m going with this. These are creations through generations, and they are being crushed to form an iPad at the end. Without these very creations, and the genius that went accompanied it, our lives would not be what they are today. Technology enriches lives, sure, but it is no match for the feeling and emotion of a human playing a piano or guitar for example. For centuries, masterpieces have been hand crafted on musical instruments by past artists (think of all the great composers before our time that shaped the music we enjoy so much today), and yet, these unique creations are being crushed as though they mean absolutely nothing and can easily be replaced. Even the humble metronome has not escaped.

    The same could be said for those amazing analogue cameras, retro arcade machines (that I loved as a child), record players (given that vinyl is enjoying something of a resurgence). And the bust? Don’t get me started on this one. Centuries of beautiful artefacts being destroyed in 1 minute and 8 seconds is beyond comprehension in my view.

    What this DOES do very well is create the false view that it’s ok to completely crush important creations, dump all of them in landfill without repurposing or recycling anything and replace what should have been left as analogue with a digital “equivalent”. As everyone with a musical ear knows, vinyl records for example capture exactly the sound the artist wanted you to hear - not a digitally cleaned and “enhanced” track. I recall listening to early albums in mono, and later on in life, their stereo “equivalents”, which never sounded the same and lost their uniqueness.

    Sorry Apple, but this video is just plain WRONG. Whoever in your marketing department decided this was a good idea should be immediately fired. I honestly cannot think of a worse way to show complete contempt for all the amazing creations this advert completely destroys in just over one minute.

    Bad move, Apple. Bad move. You have just alienated most of your existing user base with this extremely poor judgement. If you have any sense, you’ll pull this ad immediately and re-think your strategy.

    Instead of destroying all of the things that today’s technology is based on, why not pay some form of appropriate homage instead?

  • And so it seems that Apple themselves have been forced to admit their own misguided judgement and have fallen on their own sword.

  • i used iphone 15 pro, but now i bought samsuns s24 ultra because of ai tecnologia.
    very good telephone samsun s24 ultra 🙂

  • Interesting comment from Tor Myhren (Apple’s vice president of marketing communications):

    Creativity is in our DNA at Apple, and it’s incredibly important to us to design products that empower creatives all over the world.
    Our goal is to always celebrate the myriad of ways users express themselves and bring their ideas to life through iPad. We missed the mark with this video, and we’re sorry.

    I wonder what Steve Jobs would have thought about all of this?

  • @cagatay said in Apple, what were you thinking?:

    very good telephone samsun s24 ultra

    Yes, I have the same model. Was a OnePlus user for years - until I found out they purposely slowed down the last model I had (OnePlus 9 Pro) with updates intentionally so I’d have to purchase a new one at some point. That kind of tactic never sits well with me.

  • @phenomlab Although Steve Jobs had a more ambitious personality, I believe he knew the importance of being constructive… I think he would not approve of this ad based on destructiveness…

  • @crazycells Neither do I. Personally, I think he would have been mortified at the very concept, and probably would never have approved it’s release.

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    I’ve been using this service for a couple of days now, and it’s made my internet access so much faster. That alone is a plus, and I never thought there would be a contender for Cloudflare in this area.

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    @DownPW absolutely. Then there’s also the cost of having to replace aging hardware - for both the production site, and the recovery location.

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    @小城风雨多 I was a die-hard OnePlus user since the 6T, but my experience with the 9 series has left me extremely disappointed and I probably won’t go back now I have a Samsung S23+ which works perfectly.

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    @crazycells Who knows given today’s modern technology.

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    Last September, I received an offer from Sam Altman, who wanted to hire me to voice the current ChatGPT 4.0 system.

    He told me that he felt that by my voicing the system, I could bridge the gap between tech companies and creatives and help consumers to feel comfortable with the seismic shift concerning humans and AI.

    He said he felt that my voice would be comforting to people.

    After much consideration and for personal reasons, I declined the offer.

    Nine months later, my friends, family and the general public all noted how much the newest system named “Sky” sounded like me.

    When I heard the released demo, I was shocked, angered and in disbelief that Mr Altman would pursue a voice that sounded so eerily similar to mine that my closest friends and news outlets could not tell the difference.

    Mr Altman even insinuated that the similarity was intentional, tweeting a single word “her” - a reference to the film in which I voiced a chat system, Samantha, who forms an intimate relationship with a human.

    Two days before the ChatGPT 4.0 demo was released, Mr Altman contacted my agent, asking me to reconsider. Before we could connect, the system was out there.

    As a result of their actions, I was forced to hire legal counsel, who wrote two letters to Mr Altman and OpenAI, setting out what they had done and asking them to detail the exact process by which they created the “Sky” voice. Consequently, OpenAI reluctantly agreed to take down the “Sky” voice.

    In a time when we are all grappling with deepfakes and the protection of our own likeness, our own work, our own identities, I believe these are questions that deserve absolute clarity.

    I look forward to resolution in the form of transparency and the passage of appropriate legislation to help ensure that individual rights are protected.