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The theme came with space on left side

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  • I have been testing a couple of themes and for sure i love the current one that is installed, its called iwata. The problem i am having is the theme has a space on the left side. It’s like a sort of menu that displays date’s e.t.c

    This space has been bagging my head since there are some areas where the page do not have the details like for dates and so the page is still squeezed and the left side is empty.

    This appears to only be happening when using the site on desktop. I appreciate a better a way if you can figure out the better way we can handle the post page, pages of all site, maybe a css?

  • @phenomlab yes it’s a different theme. The other one was not offering much on editable sidebar. It was like flarum hahah

  • @Sala It appears to be caused by the below


    As you can see, there is a large section of empty space to the left, although if you look at the other pages, this area is used (as you indicate) for dates etc. It’s likely that this specific page uses a template which can be changed by accessing the page itself in WordPress and changing the template in use.

    I wouldn’t recommend changing anything with CSS without looking at the theme’s structure first as this is likely to have a knock-on effect for the remainder of the site.

  • @phenomlab Yes i agree on that, changing the css would affect the alignment of content with the menu buttons for the whole site which will look bad.

    From the screenshot i can tell that the #div number is a post number of the page. Now in the situation where you would like to utilize the space maybe by adding a vertical ad only to show for desktop, how you going to do it?

    For example

    <ins class="adsbygoogle" style="display: inline-block; text-align:center; width: 100%; height: **963px**;" data-ad-client="ca-pub-54985644" data-ad-slot="4577896"></ins>

    Bdw here is the whole 800kb theme zipped

    I also ask myself, how will that ad be placed on the left side for all articles if we’re going to use post numbers?

  • @Sala Before we do anything else, we need to understand how the Post ID is being generated - see below from the contact page


    If these are being generated dynamically, they will be difficult to target. However, if they correlate to actual ID’s being stored in the database, then this will be simpler. I will need access to your site as an admin to be able to determine this.

  • @phenomlab lol, although i used a mobile device, this time i was able to divide the sidebars and came up with something really cool. Check it out


  • @Sala This looks like a different theme?

  • @phenomlab yes it’s a different theme. The other one was not offering much on editable sidebar. It was like flarum hahah

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    @crazycells said in CSS code customization for the link preview plugin:

    does OGProxy show the pdf previews as well?

    Not yet, but it could with a bit of additional code.

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    @phenomlab thanks a lot for these, both of the below are awesome! ♥

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    @DownPW Looking at the underlying code, class start is being added on hover by jQuery in this function

    document.querySelectorAll(".button-gradient, .button-transparent").forEach((button) => { const style = getComputedStyle(button); const lines = document.createElement("div"); lines.classList.add("lines"); const groupTop = document.createElement("div"); const groupBottom = document.createElement("div"); const svg = createSVG( button.offsetWidth, button.offsetHeight, parseInt(style.borderRadius, 10) ); groupTop.appendChild(svg); groupTop.appendChild(svg.cloneNode(true)); groupTop.appendChild(svg.cloneNode(true)); groupTop.appendChild(svg.cloneNode(true)); groupBottom.appendChild(svg.cloneNode(true)); groupBottom.appendChild(svg.cloneNode(true)); groupBottom.appendChild(svg.cloneNode(true)); groupBottom.appendChild(svg.cloneNode(true)); lines.appendChild(groupTop); lines.appendChild(groupBottom); button.appendChild(lines); button.addEventListener("pointerenter", () => { button.classList.add("start"); }); svg.addEventListener("animationend", () => { button.classList.remove("start"); }); }); })

    The CSS for start is below

    .button-gradient.start .lines svg, .button-transparent.start .lines svg { animation: stroke 0.3s linear; }

    And this is the corresponding keyframe

    @keyframes stroke { 30%, 55% { opacity: 1; } 100% { stroke-dashoffset: 5; opacity: 0; } }

    It’s using both CSS and SVG, so might not be a simple affair to replicate without the SVG files.

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    @DownPW yes, that does make sense actually. I forgot to mention the layout of Sudonix is custom so that would have an impact on the positioning.

    Good spot 🙂

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    @DownPW said in Bottom footer navbar button extend:

    Oh my god, it’s beautiful mark

    I liked this design so much, I’ve implemented it here. I intend to do a lot more with the footer in due course, so hiding it makes a lot of sense. Thanks @DownPW for the idea and initial concept ♥

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    @cagatay you’ll need to define this in the body tag (or another element if you want greater or more granular targets) - for example

    body { font-family: "Poppins"; font-size: 16px; }

    Essentially, you use the font-size CSS directive.

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    For anyone reviewing this post, there’s an updated version here that also includes an sunrise / sun / moon icon depending on the time of day

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    @mike-jones Yes, you’ll typically see this type of behaviour if there is another style that has higher priority in the sense that yours will be overridden. Using !important will override the higher preference, but should be used sparingly rather than everywhere.