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New Code Repository

  • Hi All,

    I’m thrilled to announce that I have decided to start migrating all of the code that is considered stable / production into a new sub category of “let’s build it” called Code Repository

    There’s nothing to see here presently, although this will eventually become a one-stop library for all code I write (a good example here being OGProxy) - in effect, one place you can go to save you from having to trawl though thousands of posts (and yes, we do have thousands). In most cases, the category is going to be read only as a way of keeping it clean and distraction free. Of course, updates etc will be applied in the usual fashion, but any support requests, queries, or just discussion about the code should be raised in the usual places.

    I am also going to create a private GIT repository for all of this code to sit in. Based on this, you will find either gists or direct links to git code. I’ve chose this route for OGProxy as a trial to see if it will work, and it’s so much easier because there’s less clutter, and it’s simpler to navigate.

    I will also be moving the themes (swatch) CSS here, too, so you’ll also be able to take full advantage of that also.


  • @phenomlab very nice and useful idea

    Bravo Xd GIF

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