navigation bar is misplaced when the window gets smaller

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  • Profil Photos

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    @cagatay the fastest way to do this would be to modify the auto generated sitemap.xml file so that it does not index users. It might be paint to do the same thing with users in terms of guest permissions.

    Let me have a look.

    Edit - you can do this with permissions. Go to /admin/manage/privileges then look in the left where it says guests - remove the tick from the view users permission for guests then click save

    You can test this out using an incognito or non logged in session. Attempting to view users should then ask you to login.

  • Adding reputation

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    @OT very odd. Shouldn’t be that complex, but glad you have it working.

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    @DownPW it’s possible, yes, but you may inadvertently end up targeting other elements using the same class which of course isn’t desired.

    Can you provide a link in DM for me to review?

  • Footer bar add center text

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    @phenomlab said in Footer bar add center text:


    Ah ok test with bottom: 0px !important; idem

  • hover link effect

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    @DownPW Looking at the underlying code, class start is being added on hover by jQuery in this function

    document.querySelectorAll(".button-gradient, .button-transparent").forEach((button) => { const style = getComputedStyle(button); const lines = document.createElement("div"); lines.classList.add("lines"); const groupTop = document.createElement("div"); const groupBottom = document.createElement("div"); const svg = createSVG( button.offsetWidth, button.offsetHeight, parseInt(style.borderRadius, 10) ); groupTop.appendChild(svg); groupTop.appendChild(svg.cloneNode(true)); groupTop.appendChild(svg.cloneNode(true)); groupTop.appendChild(svg.cloneNode(true)); groupBottom.appendChild(svg.cloneNode(true)); groupBottom.appendChild(svg.cloneNode(true)); groupBottom.appendChild(svg.cloneNode(true)); groupBottom.appendChild(svg.cloneNode(true)); lines.appendChild(groupTop); lines.appendChild(groupBottom); button.appendChild(lines); button.addEventListener("pointerenter", () => { button.classList.add("start"); }); svg.addEventListener("animationend", () => { button.classList.remove("start"); }); }); })

    The CSS for start is below

    .button-gradient.start .lines svg, .button-transparent.start .lines svg { animation: stroke 0.3s linear; }

    And this is the corresponding keyframe

    @keyframes stroke { 30%, 55% { opacity: 1; } 100% { stroke-dashoffset: 5; opacity: 0; } }

    It’s using both CSS and SVG, so might not be a simple affair to replicate without the SVG files.

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    @Hari Ok. Good. Thanks

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    And now, after all this time 😕 I finally discovered that the CSS I previously referenced was for something else - and used the same CSS name, so I’ve had to reinstate this block 🤦

    .tab-content { max-height: 0; padding: 0 2em; color: #898989; background: #eeeeee; transition: all 0.35s; margin-top: -5px; }

    And, add this below to make it more specific.

    .emoji-tabs .tab-content { height: 100%; max-height: 100%; padding: 0; margin: 0; }
  • Reading Meter Progress bar

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    For anyone else following this thread, please see