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    I thought I had already created a dedicated thread for this elsewhere, but clearly not - it was probably bundled in with another topic.

    If you want to create an “Author” badge on each post that looks like the below, you can do this using pure CSS


    Required CSS

    .topic-owner-post [itemprop=name]:after { border: 2px solid var(--bs-border-color); border-radius: 0.25rem !important; color: var(--bs-body-color); content: "Author"; margin-left: 5px; padding: 2px 10px; display: inline-block; }

    However, things get slightly more complicated if you want to add an icon in the same element, like the below


    As the above example makes use of the :after pseudo element, it’s not possible to have two font-family statements when using content: ""

    To facilitate this, you’d need a jQuery function that looks like the below

    $(document).ready(function() { $(window).on('action:ajaxify.end', function(data) { $(".topic-owner-post [itemprop=name]").append("<span class='author'><span class='author-icon'><i class='fa-light fa-bullhorn'></i>Author</span>"); }); });

    Here, you use span tags to insert both the icon, and text 🙂

    Obviously, you need to ensure that the css for .author and .author-icon exist.

    Here’s an example

    span.author { border: 2px solid var(--bs-border-color); border-radius: 0.25rem !important; color: var(--bs-body-color); content: "Author"; margin-left: 5px; padding: 2px 10px; display: inline-block; } span.author-icon i { margin-right: 5px; }
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    No no, I said that in the sense that he told me it was simple ^^
    I was able to see that this was not the case by targeting the elements he had advised me.

  • hover link effect

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    @DownPW Looking at the underlying code, class start is being added on hover by jQuery in this function

    document.querySelectorAll(".button-gradient, .button-transparent").forEach((button) => { const style = getComputedStyle(button); const lines = document.createElement("div"); lines.classList.add("lines"); const groupTop = document.createElement("div"); const groupBottom = document.createElement("div"); const svg = createSVG( button.offsetWidth, button.offsetHeight, parseInt(style.borderRadius, 10) ); groupTop.appendChild(svg); groupTop.appendChild(svg.cloneNode(true)); groupTop.appendChild(svg.cloneNode(true)); groupTop.appendChild(svg.cloneNode(true)); groupBottom.appendChild(svg.cloneNode(true)); groupBottom.appendChild(svg.cloneNode(true)); groupBottom.appendChild(svg.cloneNode(true)); groupBottom.appendChild(svg.cloneNode(true)); lines.appendChild(groupTop); lines.appendChild(groupBottom); button.appendChild(lines); button.addEventListener("pointerenter", () => { button.classList.add("start"); }); svg.addEventListener("animationend", () => { button.classList.remove("start"); }); }); })

    The CSS for start is below

    .button-gradient.start .lines svg, .button-transparent.start .lines svg { animation: stroke 0.3s linear; }

    And this is the corresponding keyframe

    @keyframes stroke { 30%, 55% { opacity: 1; } 100% { stroke-dashoffset: 5; opacity: 0; } }

    It’s using both CSS and SVG, so might not be a simple affair to replicate without the SVG files.

  • Quote design CSS

    Solved Customisation
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    @DownPW yes, that does make sense actually. I forgot to mention the layout of Sudonix is custom so that would have an impact on the positioning.

    Good spot 🙂

  • New message CSS problem

    Unsolved Customisation
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    @DownPW hi. Sorry for digging up an old post, but I’m going through items still unresolved and was looking to get an understanding of where you are currently with this?

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    Another resource I’m using pretty much full time is the CSS3 Gradient Generator below. It’s extremely useful, and provides a very quick method to generate gradients when required. Both powerful and easy to use, it should be in every web developer’s arsenal


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    @downpw ooops. Forgot that. Thanks for adding.

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    yeah you’re right @phenomlab.
    Problem of NodeBB Version