New "services" page


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    @crazycells that’s as good a test as any 🙂

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    @dave1904 there isn’t one currently, but I can easily put something together

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    happy new year all 😉

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    @crazycells You should be able to upvote more now as I’ve located the hard coded function in the plugin responsible for this and changed it from

    maxVotesPerUser(reputation) { let MIN = 5, MAX = 50; let calculatedVotesPerUser = Math.floor(reputation / 10); if (calculatedVotesPerUser < MIN) { calculatedVotesPerUser = MIN; } else if (calculatedVotesPerUser > MAX) { calculatedVotesPerUser = MAX; } return calculatedVotesPerUser; },


    maxVotesPerUser(reputation) { let MIN = 5, MAX = 500; let calculatedVotesPerUser = Math.floor(reputation / 50); if (calculatedVotesPerUser < MIN) { calculatedVotesPerUser = MIN; } else if (calculatedVotesPerUser > MAX) { calculatedVotesPerUser = MAX; } return calculatedVotesPerUser; },

    It appears that the upvote limit is 10% of your reputation by default.

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    Off course 😉

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    I’m excited to announce that a new blog section has been added 😛 The blog is actually using Ghost and not NodeBB, and also sits on it’s own subdomain of (if you ever fancy hitting it directly).

    We’ve moved all the blog articles out of the existing category here, and migrated them to the Ghost platform. However, you can still comment on these articles just like they were part of the root system. If you pick a blog article whilst logged in


    Then choose the blog article you want to read


    Once opened, you’ll see a short synopsis of the article


    Click the link to read the rest of the post. Scroll down to the bottom, and you’ll see a space where you can provide your comments ! Take the time to read the articles, and provide your own feedback - I’d love to hear it.


    The blog component is not quite finished yet - it needs some polish, and there’s a few bugs scattered here and there, but these will only manifest themselves if a certain sequence of events is met.

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    @phenomlab Inquiring minds will be curious. See my reply in the “Miscellany” thread, eh? 👍

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    It’s been a while since I checked in here. Plenty going on - mostly around rectifying small pockets of resistance between light and dark modes, plus the addition of new features such as an enhanced reputation system and the ability to create polls. Plus, there are several changes going on under the hood which are completely transparent to users or the operation of the platform.

    However, some changes mean that the platform does need to be restarted for code changes to stick and function correctly. I tend to do this during non busy periods, but sometimes, it’s unfortunately inevitable. The good news is that in most cases, a full restart takes only 20 seconds.

    More to come