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custom plugin - increment in reputations

  • Hi

    I am trying to create plugin for after each reply increment in in the reputation point of topic Author.

    I tried something in library.js file. (Two more files i have created package.json and plugin.js)

    Could you please help me to correct out.

    'use strict';
    var Topics = require.main.require('./src/topics');
    var User = require.main.require('./src/user');
    var meta = require.main.require('./src/meta');
    var reputationPoints = 1; // Number of reputation points to award per reply
    var plugin = {};
    plugin.postReply = async function (payload) {
      var tid = payload.topic.tid;
      var topic = await Topics.getTopicFields(tid, ['uid']);
      await User.incrementUserReputationBy(topic.uid, reputationPoints); // Increase reputation points by the specified amount
    module.exports = plugin;
  • @Vijay-Kumavat-0 are you attempting to modify or extend nodebb-plugin-rewards-essential?

  • Yes, I saw this plugin,

    But i tried to create new rather than customize nodebb-plugin-rewards-essential. Because it is bit confusing me.

    Am i on the right track?

  • @Vijay-Kumavat-0 I think you’d be better off customising the plugin above to be honest. It seems like you’d be reinventing the wheel otherwise.

    I’d modify


    These seem to be the two files that control what is in the dropdown lists.