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Vodafone and Three agree UK merger

  • Announced in the news today is the intention for two of the UK’s largest mobile operators (Vodafone and Three) to merge, forming a £15Bn entity

    It will be interesting to see how this plays out - and if it will be approved by the anti-competition regulator. Thje new entity promises an £11Bn investment in 5g networks, which if approved, would create one of the most superior 5g networks in the world.

    An interesting topic indeed, and one I will watch closely. Ultimately, it looks as though CK Hutchinson will disappear (Three’s parent company) and will leave the branding solely as Vodafone.

    As is typical of M & A, there will be fallout from the staffing perspective. However, Vodafone has been stagnant in terms of development, and lacklustre in terms of performance, so this has been on the cards for some time.