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USB-C to become the European standard in 2024

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  • Those of you who keep up with tech news will no doubt already be aware of the decision to standardise charging devices using USB-C.

    Sky News published the article below

    One of the huge benefits in my view is the enormous dent this will place into the Apple ecosystem in the sense that they will be forced to comply with this new standard. My experience of Apple has been that each time a new iPhone is released, a new charger type is required meaning you cannot simply reuse the charger you had previously.

    Not only does this force the owner to purchase new hardware, but also contributes heavily to landfill thanks largely to unwanted power adapters that no longer have a purpose. Moving towards a centralised standard creates a wider scope of innovation in my view as charging techniques have dramatically improved over time.

    It also puts a stop to Apple cornering their user base every time a new model is released. In my view, that alone is a huge positive.

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