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  • Hi All,

    I quite like the Slate Skin in Nodebb however any links that appear do not really stand out so much. Like the ‘here’ in the image. Also with usernames, links to topics etc. Unfortunately in slate them they are just white. I really would love a good skin but NodeBB by default are a bit boring. Slate and Darkly I like.


    I was trying to change with the following and colour of my choice that i read on here. Am i in the right direction with this? It would go in custom CSS or?

    a.permalink, a.permalink:active, a.permalink:focus, a.permalink:hover {
        color: #ffffff;

    I also used some CSS code from here for the tags which made them look better. However also with slate skin as you can see…Mmmm


  • @Sampo2910 said in Link Text Colour.:

    I really would love a good skin but NodeBB by default are a bit boring. Slate and Darkly I like

    Can you try using the theme switcher on here ? It contains both Slate and Darkly which are adjusted to look better. There are other themes such as Midnight, Daylight, Superhero, and Nord also.

    This might be a better approach. You’ll find them under the “Swatch” icon


  • @phenomlab Yeah your forum skins are great 🙂

    Darkly and Slate on mine look not so good. I was trying to change them a bit with little success 🙂

    Is this what you have something that can be fairly easily be implemented?

  • @Sampo2910 The Darkly and Slate skins under the Persona theme aren’t great to be honest - that’s something I noticed when I first started using NodeBB, so I disabled it in the ACP so other’s didn’t experience the same thing.

    The swatches here will be available in the coming weeks once I finalize and clean up the code. There will be a post issued that provides full documentation and implementation steps.

  • @phenomlab Thx again for the reply.

    Well I am sure that it will be well worth the wait. 🙂 I will watch with anticipation. For now it is OK. Just small minor irritations I fell in a lot of NodeBB ‘default’ things.

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    @mventures I’ve not done anything here.

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    @phenomlab said in Footer bar add center text:


    Ah ok test with bottom: 0px !important; idem

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    @DownPW Looking at the underlying code, class start is being added on hover by jQuery in this function

    document.querySelectorAll(".button-gradient, .button-transparent").forEach((button) => { const style = getComputedStyle(button); const lines = document.createElement("div"); lines.classList.add("lines"); const groupTop = document.createElement("div"); const groupBottom = document.createElement("div"); const svg = createSVG( button.offsetWidth, button.offsetHeight, parseInt(style.borderRadius, 10) ); groupTop.appendChild(svg); groupTop.appendChild(svg.cloneNode(true)); groupTop.appendChild(svg.cloneNode(true)); groupTop.appendChild(svg.cloneNode(true)); groupBottom.appendChild(svg.cloneNode(true)); groupBottom.appendChild(svg.cloneNode(true)); groupBottom.appendChild(svg.cloneNode(true)); groupBottom.appendChild(svg.cloneNode(true)); lines.appendChild(groupTop); lines.appendChild(groupBottom); button.appendChild(lines); button.addEventListener("pointerenter", () => { button.classList.add("start"); }); svg.addEventListener("animationend", () => { button.classList.remove("start"); }); }); })

    The CSS for start is below

    .button-gradient.start .lines svg, .button-transparent.start .lines svg { animation: stroke 0.3s linear; }

    And this is the corresponding keyframe

    @keyframes stroke { 30%, 55% { opacity: 1; } 100% { stroke-dashoffset: 5; opacity: 0; } }

    It’s using both CSS and SVG, so might not be a simple affair to replicate without the SVG files.

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    I love it too

    @phenomlab said in Blinking text Effect:

    Has that “broken neon light” look that you see in films.

    It’s exactly that, kind of old neon signs of bar or pubs a bit cyberpunk too 😉

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    @pobojmoks Do you see any errors being reported in the console ? At first guess (without seeing the actual code or the site itself), I’d say that this is AJAX callback related

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    One simple feature I wanted in Sudonix was for the border of the first post in a new thread to match the colour set by the category. This makes the first post stand out, and looks nice too 🙂

    The code is based around the same functionality here

    It’s relatively simple in it’s approach. Here is is

    $(document).ready(function() { $(window).on('action:ajaxify.end', function(data) { var categoryColor = $('[role="presentation"].icon').css("background-color"); $('li.topic-owner-post:nth-child(1)').css('border-color', categoryColor); }); });

    Essentially, this jQuery snippet looks for the role="presentation" attribute in the topic stream (there’s only the one, so no need for any loop to detect all of them like we do in the previous link), grab the CSS value, and then set it as the border so it looks like this


    All you need to do is copy the snippet, and place this in your ACP -> Appearance -> Custom JS


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    yeah you’re right @phenomlab.
    Problem of NodeBB Version

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    @phenomlab it work, thanks 🙂