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How Do We Feel About SSPL?


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  • Hi phenomlab 🙂

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    @My-Account do you mean

    That’s still running, and is a news aggregation site. You can’t login or register there though.

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    @Panda Great analogy…

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    @DownPW said in Proton launch password manager:

    And bitwarden can be self hosted

    Yes, correct.

    @DownPW said in Proton launch password manager:

    I’m now on KeepassXC bcause it’s free and without cloud account.

    Yes, looks good (albeit a little on the basic side, but who needs bells and whistles for password management?)

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    @JAC yes, same here. A lot of that functionality made it’s way into Vivaldi so you will probably feel at home.

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    @crazycells Who knows given today’s modern technology.

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    @crazycells said in Netflix hints at password sharing crackdown:

    We love laws, and would pay if we want to watch movies.

    I think you’ve hit the nail on the head here - particularly around the point re: privacy. I expect that other people are willing to abide by the laws also, but it’s very easy to see how rising prices will simply fuel the pirate industry even further. Nobody likes to be “ripped off” or “held to ransom”, and there are always going to be those who would rather not pay at all and put up with a poor video image taken in the cinema with someone’s head bobbing up and down, or overhearing someone complain they asked for an ice cream but got a donut… 🙂

    The rising costs of viewing material is what is in essence the fuel for the piracy market - not just viewing either - it used to be the case (before digital downloads of music tracks) that people were pirating CD’s because of the cost. With the onset of online music stores, that’s probably a thing of the past - I can’t recall overhearing anyone saying they spend all of their free time searching for mp3’s etc recently, unless I’m out of touch, but the film industry is encouraging piracy with the spiralling costs of attending the cinema etc - not to mention being robbed in broad daylight if you want refreshments.

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    @DownPW Yes, data protection in the USA is lacklustre to say the least.

  • Member chat

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    @phenomlab sure has, keep up the good work!