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iPhone Data and privacy

  • Nice to see Apple taking the initiative to finally provide a decent set of controls to protect from tracking, and silent sharing of data

    What’s odd is why it’s taken Apple so long to finally accommodate this when it’s been mainstream in Android for years. As much as I dislike the Apple ecosystem for a number of different reasons, this is quite appealing - further bolstered by the advertising campaign which I noticed during an ad break for a TV series I was watching this evening.

    Another interesting thread topic around the whole privacy side of things is here.

    Given this new privacy campaign, I’m interested to understand the genesis for this in the sense that privacy advocates have been requesting this from Apple for years, and now suddenly, as if by magic, it’s now available in the latest iOS release.

  • Here’s a very useful video that will walk you through the privacy features of Android - mostly around the ones you should disable to get the most out of the experience

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